Open course, source and resource

Wow – I can’t believe our class has finished Week 11! After reading many articles about open course ware, source ware and share ware (because, of course, you can’t read just one), I’m ware-n out. I also “acted” as my group’s moderator for the week, so I checked out some of the resources cited and got caught up in reading even more articles.
One blog I came across is quite interesting: e-Literate: What Michael Feldstein is Learning About Online Learning…Online. According to his blogsite, “Michael Feldstein is Principal Product Strategy Manager for Academic Enterprise Solutions (formerly Academic Enterprise Initiative, or AEI) at Oracle Corporation.  (Whew!)

If you’re interested in getting different perspectives on e-learning, check out Feldstein’s site, Not only do you get insights from an insider, but he uses guest bloggers as well.

I came across the website following a lead while doing research on open education resources: Thoughts On Anya Kamenetz and the Open Education Movement. Of course I had to follow the links to her video interview and recent article, which led me to… Well, you get the idea. After reading Feldstein’s critique, I ended up reading posted responses and got quite involved… and came across another interesting resource:

If you’re interested in online learning, be sure to check out these websites – you never know where it’ll lead you.

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