Podcasting is cool!

I really enjoyed this week’s IM554 lesson on podcasting, vodcasting and podcatching! Not only did I learn a lot about podcasting, but I also learned about many different subjects as I went from one podcast to another. I now want to make podcasts of my own.

You, too, can make podcasts: If you want to learn how easy it is to create a podcast, check out Lee Lefever’s “Podcasting in Plain English” at http://www.commoncraft.com/podcasting. It made the process so clear to me. And I also learned about how to create and use a Wiki — another Web 2.0 technology that eluded me. I’m stoked about using some of the things I just learned!

In the leadership class I facilitate for people who are low income or new Americans, I often have to explain things verbally because some learners have difficulty with written English. I can see how a podcast would help some of my learners who come from backgrounds where they didn’t have much exposure to the written word and passed down their culture orally. One particular group in mind is new Somali Americans.

After hearing some of their stories about their first exposure to things like electric lights, indoor bathrooms and smoke detectors — and how little they understood many of the things native Americans take for granted — podcasts in English/Somali might be valuable to help explain things to them.

I’m very anxious to try out my theory and use podcasts in my classes. I’ll blog the results when I get them.

Podcasts are cool!

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