IM554 challenges

I am slowly becoming acclimated to the world of online learning. Peers and my husband are thankfully helping me with some of the technical things I need to learn, and I’ve been doing lots of research outside of class. However…

All the information we’re given in class shows that even though schools are becoming more adept at providing e-learning, there’s still a long way to go. Several articles assigned to us note that retention of online learners is less than that of those who attend classes in person. There’s a sense of isolation, loss of community and loss of identity for many online learners.

I can speak about the loss of community and identity first-hand. While I like to go off and “do my own thing” when doing research or a project, I do miss the interaction and camraderie of classmates in a classroom setting. The interaction is immediate and more responsive than that online.

Although my classmates are slowwwly starting to work together on some things together, there still is no real sense of community — there’s no cohesion yet. I want my face-to-face back!

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