Creating a New Comfort Zone

My old Web comfort zone was surfing the net searching out arcane trivia; playing time-wasting, mind-numbing online games; emailing my friends and deleting all the newsletters to which I’d subscribed but never read; and scoping-out-but-rarely-posting on Facebook. But look — I’m actually blogging, and you can now skate in Heck.

Now that I’m starting to feel more comfortable in this new zone, I  “shared” a photo of my son and his new bride with others on Facebook. And I wrote on some people’s walls. Pretty soon, I may start editing chapters on Wikibook… (Ugh, no, that’s not really likely.)

I’m certainly not the Web pioneer in my family: My nephews and nieces Skype, Flickr, Snapfish, Youtube and Wiki all over the place; heck, even my 80-year-old mother is on Facebook, and my seven-year-old granddaughter can navigate parent-sanctioned, age-appropriate websites with ease. She is also a proficient texter and DSL game player.

It’s a brave new online world and Web technology usage is only going to keep expanding. While I can see so many possibilities and opportunities, I worry about the digital divide and how those persons without access to the resources or who lack the technological skills will keep up. Some of my clients use outdated computers with dial-up services, and those without computers can’t always get to the library.

Ahhh, but those are worries for another day and another blog: Today I’m in the Zone — my new comfort zone — using Web 2.o technology. (And you can put your skates on anytime you want…)

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