Talking to the E-learning Expert

For our Information Media class, Developing Skills for Online Learning, our class is supposed to interview someone who has knowledge of or familiarity with online learning.

I figured that the best person for me to interview is someone who has written about this new teaching technology and who comes highly recommended from Dr. Park, our instructor: Dr. Curtis Bonk.

Dr. Bonk wrote the book, “The World is Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Education,” and a prequel, “Sharing … the Journey.” Who better to answer my questions about the challenges this teaching strategy poses for some of the less tech-savvy learners?

Fortunately, Dr. Bonk has agreed to let me interview him in person or over the phone. I’m very excited and grateful for the opportunity to talk to the expert on the “web technology that is revolutionizing education.”

My proposed project timeline:

Selection of topics (challenges, learners, supports, strategies):     Done

Resources: Book: “The World is Open”; “Sharing … the Journey” prequel; articles: “E-Learning’s potential is hampered by misuse, critics say”, “Continuing Debate Over Online Education”; and the American Distance Education Consortium’s “ADEC Guiding Principles for Distance Teaching and Learning.” Studying resources — in progress.

Interviewee information: Done

Interview questions and processes: In-person interview – September 17; plus telephone follow up for any clarification

Analysis and writing: Week of September 27

Paper due: October 1, 2010

Is this too ambitious? We’ll see. I think the second week’s readings for class connected some of the dots for me in how web technology influences learners’ education, their thinking and even how they think; I also learned how consumers affect how the technology is used or supported. It’s all pretty thought provoking, and I am relenting on some of my reluctance to online learning…

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